meccanica BERTAZZONI

di Alberto Bertazzoni



The Meccanica Bertazzoni is a family-run artisan company that is responsible for more than three decades of applied mechanics. Many the sectors covered. Some  closely related to agriculture some other to mobility.



















This particular project started in 2006 and led to the production in the 2009 of model PLUS and in the 2012 of model LT.


Both models are the result of many requirements, all widely shared by our users. In primis of relatives and friends who refusing any compromise have spurred us to create a product ad hoc to guarantee them freedom and autonomy, anytime anywhere. In other words a product agile, lightweight and easy to handle that thanks to its double lock system meets the needs both of the big travelers than of lovers of simplicity.


And because everything is important, we tried to look after to the best of our ability even the aspects most essentially aesthetic by focusing on a simple and linear design that might give to the scooters more the appearence to a bicycle that to a common mobility aid. In full conviction that nothing is more beautiful and functional than what is practical and essential.